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Cowboy Chris’ BBQ Sauce

Cowboy Chris’ Original Hot BBQ sauce is a zesty, thick and chunky barbecue sauce, with a kick. When you take a bite, it starts off with a sweet flavor, then after 3-5 seconds, spreads across your palate like a Texas wildfire, but dissipating quickly, making for a pleasant after glow. My Original Hot BBQ sauce goes great on beef, pork, chicken and wild game. It’s even been used on lobster & as a cocktail sauce for shrimp. Some folks have used it as a salsa and as a dip.

Cowboys Chris’ Mild BBQ Sauce is a thick, chunky, sweet, and tangy Kansas City style barbeque sauce that is a pleasant, flavorful mix of sweetness and tartness, with just wisp of smoke flavor. This sauce is perfect for those of you with a tame pallete. My Mild BBQ Sauce is delicious on pork, poultry, and ribs if you like them sweet ‘n’ smoky.

Cowboy Chris Low Sugar Barbecue Sauce  Over the years of setting my bbq sauce booth up at various events, I've had diabetics stop by the booth asking if I had, or had considered making, a low sugar or sugar-free bbq sauce. I discovered a new sweetener that is all natural, that lacked the strong aftertaste of the others & cooked right(Stevia). This new sweetener allowed me to formulate this new bbq sauce that you're about to entertain your palate with. This bbq sauce is perfect for those who have diabetes or who may be on some form of weight loss diet. All of this great flavor with only 3 grams of sugar & 4 grams of carbs per serving!!!

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