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Standard Diver Pack- Foam Filled (6pk)

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Love to hunt divers but don't have much room in your boat for a big spread?  Do you walk in and hunt shoreline points and need to conserve weight and gear that you carry?  Take a serious look at Higdon’s standard diver pack.  Its simply a big water hunting rig…but with a smaller footprint. This 6-pack includes standard size Ringnecks, Bluebills and Redheads, and is sure to give a ton of confidence to quick, low-flying divers. These beautiful decoys are bulletproof, using Higdon's industry-leading foam filling technology. Standard size decoys are slightly undersized from an average live duck, and are perfect for hunters looking for lightweight, packable, affordable decoys. Use them on their own,  to pack in to your favorite public spot, or to add numbers and variety to any spread. Self-righting weighted keel for quick and easy set-up in any water depth. Higdon's innovative keel clip allows simple short stringing in shallow water. Higdon's highly detailed, proprietary UV painting process and deep realistic carving techniques highlight each individual feather and minimize unnatural glare, even when decoys are wet. Our paint won't peel or fade, so your decoys will look great season after season. Package includes: 1 Ringneck Upright Drake, 1 Ringneck Low Head Hen, 1 Bluebill Upright Drake, 1 Bluebill Rester Hen, 1Red Head Upright Drake and 1 Red Head Rester Hen.

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